January 2015 links, part 2

Damned amazing archery tricks. (But also see this.)

How economists came to dominate the conversation.

The 2014 annual report of the UK government’s chief scientific advisor is called “Innovation: Managing Risk, Not Avoiding It.” Chapter 10 is “Managing Risks from Emerging Technologies,” by Nick Beckstead and Toby Ord, which also includes a case study by Huw Price and Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh.

Oh, good. The Uberification of puppies has begun.


AI Stuff

I previously linked to the FLI open letter on robust and beneficial AI. That letter was one output from an FLI conference in Puerto Rico that MIRI and many others attended. The conference page outlines the program, includes slides for many of the talks, and displays a group photo of the participants. No, I can’t tell you what specific people said at the conference, because it was governed by Chatham House Rules. I congratulate the FLI team for a very successful conference!

Also, in case you missed it, Elon Musk has donated $10M to support the kind of work outlined in the open letter. FLI will parcel it out in grants ala Max & Anthony’s other organization, FQXI. See the grant competition details here. Initial submissions due March 1st.

Talking Machines is an excellent new podcast on machine learning.

The new Edge.org Annual Question is “What do you think about AI?