My biggest complaint about

I use to track what music I listen to. Unfortunately, it’s not very accurate.

The first problem is that it doesn’t track music listened to on most online services (e.g. Youtube, Bandcamp). But I can’t really complain about that, since I just discovered there’s an app for that. Though, its Youtube support is shaky, I assume because it’s hard to tell what’s a non-musical video and what is a music track.

A bigger problem for me is that counts up what I listen to by counting tracks played rather than by counting time played. So if I listen to a punk band for one hour, and then I listen to Miles Davis for one hour, will make it look as though I like the punk band 10x more than I like Miles Davis, because the punk band writes 3 minute tracks and Miles Davis records 30 minute tracks.


  1. says

    I can see how that would probably be simpler to program, but… it also doesn’t leave you with an accurate measurement, either.

    I guess they just depend on most people not being you, and listening mostly to shorter tracks.

  2. Eric says

    That’s the reason I stopped using It just didn’t really give an accurate overview of my music listening, and subconsciously it was making me listen less to music I like, and more music that I thought I should like.

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