Media I’m looking forward to, Q2 2020 edition

Added this quarter:


bold = especially excited

Movies & TV

(only including movies and TV series or miniseries which AFAIK have at least started principal photography)

  • Docter, Soul (Jun 2020)
  • Nolan, Tenet (Jul 2020)
  • Fukunaga, No Time to Die (Nov 2020)
  • Villeneuve, Dune (Dec 2020)
  • Cameron, Avatar 2 (Dec 2021)
  • Kaufman, I’m Thinking Of Ending Things (TBD)


  1. Michael Baldwin says

    Have you read anything by Cal Newport? I’d love to hear your take on his stuff. Seems to me like it’s nowhere near evidence-based enough, with hand picked anecdotes to reinforce the points already decided upon. But ironically I’ve still found it helpful! Equally, would love to hear any thoughts you had on recent books ‘Atomic Habits’ and ‘Power of Habit’.

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