Media I’m looking forward to, October 2016 edition


* = added this round
bold = especially excited

Movies & TV

(only including movies and TV series or miniseries which AFAIK have at least started principal photography)

  • Malick, Voyage of Time (Oct 2016)
  • Villeneuve, Arrival (Nov 2016)
  • Lonergan, Manchester by the Sea (Nov 2016)
  • Daldry & Caron, The Crown (Nov 2016)
  • Nichols, Loving (Nov 2016)
  • Scorcese, Silence (Nov 2016)
  • Edwards, Rogue One (Dec 2016)
  • BBC Natural History Unit, Planet Earth II (TBD 2016)
  • Swanberg, Win It All (TBD 2016)
  • Farhadi, The Salesman (TBD 2016)
  • Reeves, War for the Planet of the Apes (Jul 2017)
  • Nolan, Dunkirk (Jul 2017)
  • Villeneuve, Blade Runner sequel (Oct 2017)
  • Unkrich, Coco (Nov 2017)
  • Johnson, Star Wars: Episode VIII (Dec 2017)
  • Payne, Downsizing (Dec 2017)
  • *Aronofsky, [Untitled] (Dec 2017)
  • Simon & Pelecanos, The Deuce (TBD)


  1. Arne says

    Johan Norberg has been a disaster for Swedish immigration policy debate.
    He is advocating free immigration and justifies this standpoint with examples from earlier Swedish history of immigration. In doing so, he neglects mentioning that the current immigration from third world countries can in no way be compared with the historical experiences for immigration to Sweden. The earlier immigration in the 1500-hundreds, and the 1950-60 were a lot less lower per capita numbers. The people of historic immigration to Sweden were of western descent with western culture that could more easily be incorporated/make to work in the Swedish culture. Last, but not least, the people who constituted the historic migration to Sweden were highly skilled that could contribute to the Swedish society. By contrast, the people who are coming now are low skilled and at a least an order of magnitude higher propensity to violence.

    Johan Norberg is hiding all these facts when arguing his position. This makes him an ideologically motivated Liar.

    Thanks to people like Johan Norberg, deceiving the public, a very unhealthy tide of people has been let into Sweden the last twenty years with an acceleration the last ten years. Authorities has lost control and there are areas in Sweden that now has been accepted to have lower protection from society: there are car fires every day, women are terrorised if they do not were “moderate” clothing, murder rates are as high as in the worst countries on earth, rape rates are as high as the worst countries on earth.

    We who grew up here in this beautiful, peaceful country are very, very sad now thanks to people like Johan Norberg. He should be ashamed of himself.

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