Media diet for Q4 2020


Spotify playlist for this quarter is here. Playlists for past quarters and years here.

Okay, music I most enjoyed discovering this quarter:

Rediscovered or revisited (i.e. I’m no longer excluding great albums I revisited but hadn’t forgotten about), and really liked:


Ones I “really liked” (no star), or “loved” (star):

  • Parker, South Park, season 22 (2018)
  • Affleck, Light of My Life (2019)
  • Coppola, On the Rocks (2020)
  • Sorkin, The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)
  • Kapsalis, The Swerve (2019)
  • Woliner, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)
  • Murphy, Babyteeth (2019)
  • Stearns, The Art of Self-Defense (2019)
  • Orley, Big Time Adolescence (2019)
  • Chaganty, Run (2020)
  • Savage, Host (2020)
  • Trost, An American Pickle (2020)
  • Kent, The Nightingale (2018) ★
  • Durkin, The Nest (2020)
  • Sealy, Lucky Grandma (2019)
  • Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett, Ready or Not (2019)
  • Marder, Sound of Metal (2019) ★
  • Soderbergh, Let Them All Talk (2020) ★
  • Msangi, Farewell Amor (2020)
  • Covino, The Climb (2019)
  • Sallitt, Fourteen (2019)
  • Docter, Soul (2020) ★


Ones I “liked” or “really liked” (no star), or “loved” (star):

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    • A definite improvement over Blind Forest, but still not as great as e.g. Hollow Knight.
  • Super Mario Galaxy
    • Great gameplay premise, constantly inventive, and very fun. On the other hand, the camera is rarely controllable and often placed awkwardly, sometimes leading to death.
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising
    • The first climb-anything, glide-to-anywhere open world adventure (“Breathlike”) I’ve played since Breath of the Wild introduced the formula. I hope this becomes as big a genre as the “Soulslike” has. This one isn’t as well crafted or varied as BotW, and it’s too Ubisoft (e.g. “follow icons everywhere”) for my tastes, but it was fun for a while. I enjoyed BotW so much that I tracked down all 900 Korok seeds, but for Immortals I only did about 1/4th of the side activities and then felt “Eh, I’ve had enough” and completed the main quest. Also, why did they choose such an awful name?
  • Jedi: Fallen Order
    • Soulslike + Uncharted. A good formula, well-executed, and with pretty well-paced switching between combat, platforming, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Solid and consistently fun.


  • Christian, The Alignment Problem


  1. homelessking says

    Have you tried Rain World? It’s a survival 2d platformer with a metroidvania feel. Truly atmospheric stuff.

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