Media diet for Q1 2019


Spotify playlist for this quarter is here. Playlists for past quarters and years here.

Okay, music I most enjoyed discovering this quarter:

Had completely forgotten about, now rediscovered and really liked:

Why so many re-discoveries this quarter? I’m listening through the history of rock music again and constructing this playlist along the way. Many great albums aren’t listed above because I hadn’t forgotten about them.


Ones I “really liked” (no star), or “loved” (star):

  • [none]


Ones I “really liked” (no star), or “loved” (star):

  • Various: Enlightened, season 1 (2011)
  • Various: Enlightened, season 2 (2013)
  • Persichetti et al.: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) ★
  • Granik: Leave No Trace (2018)


  • [none]


  1. Terry Johnson says

    Your otherwise excellent “Beginner’s guide to modern art jazz” appears to have no Bad Plus!

    • Luke says

      In part, because they ran afoul of my heuristic to skip albums that are heavy on standards/covers.

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