MarginNote: the only iPhone app that lets you annotate both PDFs and epub files

As far as I can tell, MarginNote is the only iPhone app that lets you annotate & highlight both PDFs and epub files, and sync those annotations to your computer. And by “PDFs and epub files” I basically mean “all text files,” since Calibre and other apps can convert any text file into an epub, except for PDFs with tables and images. (The Kindle iPhone app can annotate text files, but can’t sync those annotations anywhere unless you bought the text directly from Amazon.)

This is important for people who like to read nonfiction “on the go,” like me — and plausibly some of my readers, so I figured I’d share my discovery.


  1. Steven V says

    What is your note taking process like? Just marginalia? Do you compile your notes somewhere else or do anything with them when you are done? What determines whether a book deserves notes or not?

    • Luke says

      I don’t like typing much on my phone, so usually I’m just highlighting passages, and after I sync those highlights over to my computer I remember why I highlighted those passages and I make notes about them then, e.g. for a research project or whatever.

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