June 2015 links

Men have more hand-grip strength than women (on average), to an even greater degree than I thought.

I now have a Goodreads profile. I’m not going to bother making it exhaustive.

100+ interesting data sets for statistics.

Five silly fonts inspired by mathematical theorems or open problems.

Pre-registration prizes!

Critique of trim-and-fill as a technique for correcting for publication bias.

Interesting recent interview with Ioannidis.

I have begun work on A beginner’s guide to modern art jazz.

Data analysis subcultures.

Scraping for Journalism, a guide by ProPublica.


AI stuff

Scott Alexander, “AI researchers on AI risk” and “No time like the present for AI safety work.”

Stuart Russell & others in Nature on autonomous weapons.

MIT’s Cheetah robot now autonomously jumps over obstacles (vide0), and an injured robot learns how to limp.

Scherer’s “Regulating Artificial Intelligence Systems: Risks, Challenges, Competencies, and Strategies” discusses AI regulation possibilities in the context of both medium-term and long-term challenges, including superintelligence. I remain agnostic about whether regulation would be helpful at this stage.

(Note that although I work as a GiveWell research analyst, I do not study AI impacts for GiveWell, and my view on this is not necessarily GiveWell’s view.)


  1. Megaritz says

    I’ve bookmarked your Goodreads page. I’m always interested to see what books you think are great, and I’ve bought many books on the basis of your recommendations.

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