June 2015 links, round 2

Authorea actually looks pretty awesome for collaborative research paper writing. (So far I’ve been using Overleaf and sometimes… shudder… Google Docs.)

Abstract of a satirical paper from SIVBOVIK 2014:

Besides myriad philosophical disputes, neither [frequentism nor Bayesianism] accurately describes how ordinary humans make inferences… To remedy this problem, we propose belief-sustaining (BS) inference, which makes no use of the data whatsoever, in order to satisfy what we call “the principle of least embarrassment.” This is a much more accurate description of human behavior. We believe this method should replace Bayesian and frequentist inference for economic and public health reasons.

Understanding statistics through interactive visualizations.

GiveWell shallow investigation of risks from atomically precise manufacturing.

My beginner’s guide to modern classical music is basically finished now, and won’t be changing much in the future.

Effective altruist philosophers.

Peter Singer’s Coursera course on effective altruism.

The top 10 mathematical achievements of the last 5ish years, maybe.

Unfortunate statistical terms.


AI stuff

Open letter on the digital economy, about tech unemployment etc. Carl Shulman comments.

Robot swordsman.

Robots falling down during the latest DARPA Robotics Challenge.

AI Impacts collected all known public predictions of AGI timing, both individual predictions and survey medians. Conclusions here.

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