Books, music, etc. from September 2016


  • Hanson, The Age of Em [dense; interesting; a worthy project even if very speculative]
  • Ehrenreich, Bright-Sided [fun]


Music I most enjoyed discovering this month:


Ones I really liked, or loved:

  • Akhavan, Appropriate Behavior (2014)
  • Potrykus, Buzzard (2014)
  • Benson & Moorhead, Spring (2014)
  • Waititi, Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)
  • Koreeda, Like Father, Like Son (2013)


  1. Kyle says

    Hi Luke,

    Sorry for asking this irrelevant question here. The only other place you’re on that I know of is twitter, but I don’t have an account.

    Do you have a public email address? I have a short email centered around a question that I would really like to send to you. If you do, may I please get an email address that I might use?

  2. Adam L says

    Hi Luke,

    I just came across your “My Story” post from November 2008 and am amazed at how similar our stories are. While I was never in a praise band or the child of a pastor, I dedicated summers to church camp, weekends to gospel events, and three semesters to a Christian college. I only wish I had made the discoveries regarding the historicity of the Bible when I was 22 instead of 32. Thankfully, I, too, am surrounded by mostly loving Christians who have been kind (although a few have taken the cut-off-the-apostate stance). Unfortunately, I’ve discovered I have to maintain a sort of pretense that I am still open to studying the Bible and returning to faith. This seems to be the unsaid requirement to maintaining a few of my family relationships.

    Did you encounter anything like this?

    Mainly, I just want to thank you for the writing you did on this topic over the years. Your tone and subject matter are much more helpful to someone like me who is just trying to explain why I am where I am in my beliefs.



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