Books I finished reading in July 2014

Several decent, enjoyable books:

Quammen’s Spillover was not particularly “enjoyable” given it’s subject matter, but it was informative and engaging.

Banerjee & Duflo’s Poor Economics is one of the most persuasive books I’ve read on the subject of poverty reduction.

Murray’s Curmudgeon’s Guide to Getting Ahead was short and entertaining but a mixed bag.

Lochbaum et al’s Fukushima was a helpful overview of exactly what happened at Fukushima, in what order, what the policy response was, and what the health and political fallout was.


  1. Erik Torsson says

    Hello Luke,

    Thanks for the book list; always interesting to get ideas for one’s own reading.

    Do you keep notes of these books that you like to share as well?

    In any case, since I think that you are a diligent person, I suspect that you have researched a good way to keep a structured set of notes for all you read; would you like to write a bit about that?

    It would be interesting to hear about the actual set up and also if/when you use something like anki.

    Since “use it of lose it” seems to be a correct statement for human memory/ability, I have the thinking I must take anything I find valuable when reading a book and do some anki cards of it. That can take a lot of time though; perhaps you have a better system?



    • Luke says

      Hi Erik,

      I highlight things in Kindle and make bookmarks on Audible audiobooks but I don’t actually keep particularly well-organized notes on things I read. I personally prefer to read a lot of stuff very quickly and then I usually can remember where to look something up when I need that piece of information later.

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