Audio music explainers

If I had a lot more time, and the licenses to reproduce extended excerpts from tons of recorded music, the ideal versions of my beginner’s guides to modern classical music and art jazz would actually be audiobooks, with me talking for a bit, and then playing 30 seconds of some piece, and then explaining how it’s different from some other piece, and then playing that piece, and so on.

Such audiobooks do exist, and I’m going to call them audio music explainers — as opposed to e.g. text-based music explainers, like these, or interactive music explainers, like these (sorta).

Below are some examples, with Spotify links when available:

Do you know of others?

  1. Unfortunately, the music courses by The Modern Scholar don’t play many clips of music amid the explanations, but I’ve only listened to their How To Listen To and Appreciate Jazz so far.[]


  1. Pastafarianist says

    If possible, would you consider including links to Deezer or SoundCloud instead of Spotify? The latter isn’t available in some countries, Russia being one of them.

    • Luke says

      I looked at these. Deezer isn’t available in the US, where most of my audience is. SoundCloud has almost none of the music I’m linking to. So I’m probably going to just keep linking to Spotify and YouTube. Sorry!

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