Media diet for Q3 2020


Spotify playlist for this quarter is here. Playlists for past quarters and years here.

Okay, music I most enjoyed discovering this quarter:

Rediscovered or revisited (i.e. I’m no longer excluding great albums I revisited but hadn’t forgotten about), and really liked:


Ones I “really liked” (no star), or “loved” (star):

  • Nitzberg, The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (2009)
  • Barbakow, Palm Springs (2020)
  • Mendes, 1917 (2019) ★
  • Shults, Waves (2019) ★
  • Various, Peep Show, season 1-7 (2003-2010) ★
  • Various, Peep Show, season 8-9 (2012 & 2015)
  • Various, Barry, seasons 1-2 (2018-2019) ★
  • Kaufman, I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020)
  • Various, Billions, season 1 (2016)


Ones I “really liked” (no star), or “loved” (star):

  • The Last of Us Part II (2020) ★
    • I don’t have a Playstation so instead of playing it, I watched an HD no-commentary playthrough (while doing other things, often at 2x). Great storytelling (for a video game). It seems the aspects that many people hated about the story were exactly what I most liked about it. Much better than the first one.


  • Priess, The President’s Book of Secrets
  • Ritchie, Science Fictions
  • Klein, Why We’re Polarized
  • Yglesias, One Billion Americans


  1. homelessking says

    I wonder if you would love Shadow of the Colossus if you were able to play it for the first time again. Saw you rated it as the greatest game back on listology, tho only at 6.5/10

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